2 S-Slass

With the most advanced design and engineering, the Mercedes S-CLASS is the best option for passengers who wish to travel in maximum comfort, safety and elegance. A reference in executive cars and a symbol of luxury, the S-CLASS gives you a sublime trip and a fantastic transport experience.


E-ClassA executive car that provides comfort, safety and elegance for 3 occupants. Its versatility and efficiency make it perfect vehicle for work or leisure travel


V-ClassVehicles able to carry up to seven people, with a spacious, comfortable interior that is ideal for small groups. It has the best equipment that provides all the necessary comfort, versatility and efficiency for your journey. Whether you are moving around town or going on longer trips, you are guaranteed a dynamic and safe journey.

12 - 19

SprinterWith a capacity up to 19 passengers, in maximum comfort, and with ample luggage space, the Mercedes Sprinter provides convenience and safety for small group travel, be it for business or leisure.


BusOurs Coaches carry up to 55 passengers, ideal for large groups. They combine security and spacious luggage capacity with comfort, all important factors for the quality of a journey.